The long, but informative and inspirational version: When I got engaged, I had just moved to New Orleans. Relocating was definitely a challenge, but planning a wedding in a new city felt almost impossible. After a month or so, I began blogging because I knew there were other brides out there like me, who didn't know where to start or were having trouble finding the information they needed. (I mean, have you noticed how aggravating it is to have to call EVERY.SINGLE.VENDOR. just to get a price quote?? Lawd.) But I didn't get too far down my planning-blogging path before I realized that I wasn't like a lot of other brides. I didn't really fit the standard that exists in the wedding world. And I certainly wasn't the 'ideal audience' for the majority of vendors out there. Thanks to The Offbeat Bride, I realized that I was an offbeat, NOLA bride, planning an epic wedding on a budget. Awesome.

Obviously, planning a 'epic wedding within a comfortable price range' threw a lot of obstacles in my path (or there wouldn't be a point to this story). I fought tooth and nail to find vendors that catered to my need for a personalized experience and my budget; who loved my quirky ideas (hello, French Quarter Hallowedding) and would give me input on how to pull it off; who would not only advocate for me, but would help me check off my neverending lists of to-do's; who remembered what it was like to be bride, and offered support when I needed it.

So, after meeting with countless wedding vendors who seemed to have their own agenda and ideas (always with a hefty price tag) about what MY wedding should be, I realized the real need for an affordable, non-judgemental NOLA planning resource. And since unfortunately, I never got the help I needed, I decided to put my experience and skills to good use by forming a wedding resource specifically for brides (and couples) like me.

Simply put, life is short, and your wedding is too awesome of an occasion to be fretting about budget OR judgement for straying from tradition. I want to help you plan a wedding that is off the beaten path, blows your guests' minds, and most importantly, highlights the best parts of you as a couple. I believe in out-of-the-box thinking that encourages your wedding to be perfectly in tune with your aesthetic. And I'm here to help create a stress-free planning environment that allows you to focus on your ideas, navigating through the expectations and the "norms," to create a wedding that is completely yours.

Wedding planning should not suck. Let's step outside the standard together and embrace your unique ideas on your terms. (And I'll be wicked excited if those plans include your dog.)