Hello Fellow Brides!!

Happy November, Internet!  I'm the Newly NOLA Bride and I'm here to share my experiences during this crazy thing called "Wedding Planning!" My reason for starting this blog:

I recently moved to New Orleans with my fiance and am planning a wedding for October of next year.  Being new to this city and to wedding planning, you can imagine how unprepared I feel (though, what bride doesn't feel a little overwhelmed at times, right?)!  However, while scouring "The Knot," "Wedding Wire," "Pinterest" and the like, I started to notice that not only were many 'brides-to-be' lost in the sea of information, but NOLA destination brides especially were overwhelmed and (usually) many miles away; some across the country!  While I have found a plethora of informative Instagram accounts (hashtag '#neworleansweddings' or anything similar and you will find amazing ideas, trust me) and community posts, I realized that nothing is quite as valuable as being able to see the venue in person.  It is my hope that the information I share with you all from my experiences will help at least a few brides out there-destination or not!  Please be patient with me though, as this is my first attempt at blogging!

That's it for now!  I'm on my way to meet another vendor!  Wish me luck!! And I just started an Instagram account to correspond with this blog.  My username is @newlynolabride.

Happy Planning!

-The Newly NOLA Bride