DIY Patriotic Wreath: Quick, Easy & Cute!

Happy July, ladies & gents!  I cannot believe that we are already halfway through the year!  So crazy.  And you know what's even more crazy?  I'm only 4 months away from the big day.  HOLY. MOLY.  With wedding plans and work, its hard to find time to do things I love ('free time'...what's that?);  one of those being creating holiday decorations for my house.  {I am a Halloween and Christmas decorating fiend!}  But I also love DIY-ing some decor for the other holidays too.  With America's birthday happening this weekend, I wanted to tap into my creativity and DIY a holiday wreath without using up my "spare time" ....that I don't have.  If you love DIY-ing as much as I do and are strapped for time, I think you'll find this wreath fun and easy to complete!

I used supplies that I already had on hand (I normally stock up anytime I see a sale), so some of my pieces might raise a few eyebrows.  Like my green stock wreath, for instance.  I know, I know.  But hear me out- when I see a sale, I just jump on it! 

DIY Patriotic Fourth of July Wreath

Polymer Mesh

American Flag

EZ Wreath

Precision Scissors

Grosgrain Ribbon

Pipe Cleaners

Craft Wire

Mini Stapler

Patriotic Ribbon

The Supplies:

Making the Wreath

1).  Take your EZ wreath and separate all of the wires (re: the green looking tinsel in my case) to make attaching the mesh, ahem...EZ. 

2).  Unravel some of the mesh from its roll, as depicted below.

3).  If you have opted for a wider mesh, begin to fold the mesh, not once, but twice.  I did this to give my wreath a thicker appearance.

Fold your wreath in half once...

And then fold it in half once more.

4).  Holding the folded mesh in one hand, place it in between a set of wires and twist them around it.  Make sure to leave a tail hanging out to secure.  I started on the inner circle of the wreath because I feel its easier to adjust the thickness of the outer ring.  But there is no set way to do this, so start wherever is comfortable for you.

5).  After securing the tail, gather a bunched up section of the mesh- however thick you desire, and pinch it off between the next set of wires.

Move on to the next set of wires.

Fluff out the mesh as you go along for desired thickness.

6).  Continue doing this until you have gone around the entire inner circle of the wreath.  Remember to try and keep every section the same amount of thickness; the idea is to make them look even.

7).  Once you've made it all the way around the inner circle, use your scissors to cut your mesh another tail.  Then, take your wire and secure each tail onto the inner ring, underneath your decorative mesh, to make it look neat.

Wrap the tail and any other loose ends under neath the circle and secure it with wire.

8).  Once you've cut and secured the inner circle, repeat the same process on the outer wreath, keeping the mesh bunched up at about the same thickness.

9).  Once complete, your wreath should look something like this. 

Decorating the wreath:

Okay, now the fun part begins!

10).  Grab your grosgrain ribbon and place one end of it directly above where the wreath wires are.  Secure it with your craft wire. 

11).  Repeat this process until you have gone around the entire length of the wreath.  I only did this on the inner circle, but you can do it however you like. 

12).  Next, take you two flags and bind them together with pipe cleaners, being sure to separate them.  I staggered them slightly to give them a more distinct look.

13).  After you have bound the flags together, secure them to the wreath with your craft wire.  I arranged mine so that the stems are toward the back of the wreath.

14).  Next, I attached several pipe cleaners that I curled using a pen.

15).  Next, I made a simple double bow by doing the following:

  • Take two different grosgrain ribbons and layer them as show in the image below.  Be sure to make one longer than the other.

I did about 3 loops on each.

  • Next, place the ribbons on top of one another.
  • Then, pinch them together to form a bow.  Secure with craft wire.
  • Finally, take your wired patriotic ribbon and loop it around the middle of the bow.  I secured it with a few staples in back, but you could get away with using some more craft wire.

16).  Then, secure the bow to the wreath with craft wire.  I placed mine directly below the flags.  You can play around and see what works best for your wreath!

Hang on your door and voila!  Fourth of July wreath complete!

I hope you liked my first DIY post!  Any thoughts or tweaks on this wreath?  The goal was to create something quick and cute for those of us who are strapped for time, but still love DIY-ing some good holiday decor! 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!  Don't forget to follow me on social media-click on the links below!

Until next time!

-The Newly NOLA Bride


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