New Orleans Wedding Venue Review: The Jaxson On The River

The Jaxson on the River

In honor of all you venue-searching brides, I thought I'd devote today's Wedding Wednesday to a venue review!  This post could really be titled Venue with a View: Part Deux, considering the location, which is- you guessed it- right next door to Pat O's on the River (check out my Patty O's review here).  As I've said before, this is an ideal location for brides in search of a riverfront, French Quarter location.  The views of the Mississippi and Jackson Square are unrivaled!

The Venue

The Jaxson on the River is a venue that I like to call a 'diamond in the rough.'  The space looks like it has amazing potential, however, it's hard to get a real feel for the place because it is still under construction.  Located at 620 Decatur Street (Unit 2B), the venue has a wide open floor plan with views of both Decatur Street and the Mississippi River.  Upon entering, the room opens up into a large, ballroom-esque space that stretches from the river dining room facing the Mississippi to the parlor dining room facing Decatur.  There is a large bar near the middle of the room, facing opposite a space that will be the foyer and sitting area complete lounge furniture.  There will also be a large room off of the parlor dining area that will be utilized as the bridal suite during wedding events.  A nice feature that the Jaxson will offer is a moveable room divider that will make the space more intimate for smaller events. 

My fiance and I took a hard-hat tour back in November of 2014, and everything was still quite in the beginning stages.  However, judging by the architecture and the mock-up drawings that are available, it looks as if the venue will be quite stunning.  As the marketing and sales director told me, their goal is to make this an adaptable space for hosting events with 'authentic New Orleans ambiance.'  They are currently booking venue visits through March, with their first wedding scheduled in April 2015.

The Jaxson On The River Floor Plan | Photo Credit:

The Details

  • Price

Though it is a new venue, the Jaxson does charge a decent size rental fee, which surprised me.  Being that they are a new (and, thus, less established) venue, I thought that they might offer an introductory price or special for events, which, unfortunately, is not the case.  But hey, they do have one hell of a location. 

While I wasn't given a concrete rental fee for my particular date, I was told that the price would range between $4000- $6000, and that the price usually differs depending on the event date and the amount of hours expected for use.  (I assume that, like most venues, prices will be higher on weekends.) 

Included in this venue's rental fee is the following:

  • tables and chairs
  • house linens
  • lounge furniture
  • glassware, silverware, and china
  • state-of-the-art sound system
  • one bartender per every 50-65 guests
  • one waitstaff per every 17-20 guests
  • dedicated staff person for bride, groom, and parents

One great thing about the Jaxson is that there are no guest minimums, though, that does explain the high rental fee.  Please note that the rental fee does not include food and beverage.

The menu, while extensive, lacks pricing/packaging details on the list they send you.  When I asked for further information, they said that most plates started at $50/person, so I could just pick out what I liked and we would go from there.  (Disclaimer: this information definitely could have changed since my visit, but this is what I was told at the time.)  The menu offers hand passed hors d'ouevres, a cocktail buffet, soups, salads, carving stations, chef stations, vegetable and starch stations, desserts, and small plate duets.  The menu prices would be on top of whatever beverage option you choose.

Beverage pricing is as follows:

  • Premium Bar: 1 hour- $20.00/person; 2 hours- $25.00/person; 3 hours- $30.00/person; 4 hours-$36.00/person; each additional half hour is $6.00/person
  • Ultra Premium Bar: 1 hour-$24.00/person; 2 hours- $29.00/person; 3 hours-$36.00/person; 4 hours-$42.00/person; each additional half hour is $8.00/person
  • House Bar: 1 hour-$18.00/person; 2 hours-$22.00/person; 3 hours-$26.00/person; 4 hours-$30.00/person; each additional half hour is $5.00/person
  • Beer & Wine Bar: 1 hour-$15.00/person; 2 hours-$21.00/person; 3 hours-$24.00/person; 4 hours-$28.00/person; each additional half hour is $4.00/person

All prices are in addition to the sales tax of 9.75% and a 20% service charge.

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Though at present time it's hard to determine, I really think that the Jaxson on the River will be a gorgeous venue.  Unfortunately, for my fiance and I, the rental rate and the lack of an inclusive package were cause for elimination.  However, the amazing river views and outdoor patio access are definite draws to this location.  Added bonus: they will accommodate you if you have a four-legged ring bearer like I do!

Brownie Points:

  • Ah-mazing location
  • Large venue space
  • Vast menu options


  • Large rental fee
  • Less inclusive packages
  • Presently under construction/renovation

Any NOLA brides out there looking into the Jaxson On The River for their venue?  I would love to hear feedback from other couples that have viewed the Jaxson or booked them.  You can visit their website for more information or contact them for availability.  I am really interested to see how their first few events go!

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And remember, if you're new to the planning process, check out my post about wedding checklists and why you need one here.  It includes free printables!

Until next time, enjoy the warm weather, because tomorrow we're in for a cold one!

-The Newly NOLA Bride