"Hiring Casey was one of the best decisions I ever made. I originally contacted her early on in our planning to help us navigate finding a ceremony & reception space that fit our budget and guest list. She helped us prioritize our "wants" gave us a handful of tips. Her knowledge of vendors and the planning process was invaluable. She even continued answering my random questions for months down the road. Three months before our wedding, we unexpectedly moved from NOLA to DC and I was panicked. I contacted Casey to see if she was available to do day-of coordination and help me wrap up the last of the details. Even though she had 2 other events that same weekend, she was willing to help. Casey was on top of everything. She was contacting my vendors, keeping me on track, and making sure everyone was on the same page. Two days before the wedding, we had to make the last minute decision to move the wedding a day earlier due to a hurricane. In the span of about two hours, Casey had called all of my vendors and managed to move everything to a different day, in a different space, at a different time of day. All but one of my vendors were able to accommodate the move, and Casey found a replacement for us right away. I felt so comfortable working with Casey and had complete confidence in her ability to handle everything the weekend threw at her (remember, she had 2 other events that weekend). During the wedding, Casey made sure everything happened when it was supposed to and was extremely attentive. I didn't have to worry about anything. Even if everything went as originally planned, paying for Casey to keep everything on track was SO worth it because we were able to enjoy ourselves instead of worrying. Of course, after having to move the entire wedding, she was invaluable - I'm not sure we could have pulled it off without her. Weddings are expensive, and we didn't have a ton of budget to spend on planning and coordination. Casey's services were reasonably priced and if I have one regret, it's that I didn't hire her sooner! Her services were not just a "nice" addition, they were instrumental in ensuring our wedding happened. She went above and beyond to make sure everything went off without a hitch. I cannot express how satisfied we were with her services and thankful we are that we found her. THANK YOU CASEY!" -Lydia K., Bride


"Not enough good things could be said about the Nola bride. She did a beautiful service and came up with a very very heartfelt ceremony." -Matthew K., Groom


"I wanted to take a week or two before putting my thoughts down, to clear away the wedding-high and simply be able to focus on doing justice to this amazing lady! We got married on February 18th, 2017. What I have come to realize, is that I can't possibly express the utmost satisfaction and joy that Casey brought to our lives.

Finding Casey was an absolute fluke. We knew that we wanted to elope to NOLA, but given neither of us had ever been there, I was at a loss on how to plan our perfect day. In utter frustration one night, I Googled "wedding planners NOLA" and Thumbtack popped up. I had never even heard of this website, let alone the fact that I don't trust a lot of online sites that I am not familiar with. I figured I had nothing to lose and completed the initial questionnaire.

Casey responded right away and the first thing that caught my attention was her profile pick. Absurd, I am sure you are thinking, but she just seemed lovely. She had a professional and yet relaxed appearance and I instantly thought, this could work. She provided me with her initial information and what she could do for me. Still not convinced, I messaged her back and gave her a bit more information about what we were thinking. Casey immediately started giving me options, ideas, locations, direction... and I hadn't even hired her yet! My fiance and I debated her price and whether we wanted to extend the extra money that we hadn't budgeted for. In the end, I knew I needed that hands-on approach and knowledge that Casey could provide and we took the plunge.

Best. Decision. Ever! Casey quickly got to work and started sending me venue options. She knew our budget and not once did she stray from that number. She found us every possible deal/break/discount and even bartered on our behalf. I am sure this woman spent hours travelling around to give us every option available, including photos! She also scoured AirBNB and provided us with several options for places to stay. She recommended services for hair and make-up, florists, where to have our wedding meal, and photographers. Every single service that I booked was on her recommendation. Each service was performed flawlessly, professionally and absolutely met my expectations. I can't even fathom the amount of time and effort Casey put into planning our day.

Not only was Casey and amazing Wedding Planner, she became our decorator (she even hand made my bouquet using artificial flowers so I could bring it home with me), our event planner (provided a 17 page PDF with a list of absolutely everything to see and do in NOLA), our wedding officiant (as we are not religious people and she is ordained to perform ceremonies, she wrote and performed a ceremony completely tailored to us!), our driver (her and her husband got us back to where we were staying after the ceremony... which took 2 hours given the traffic/people in town for Mardi Gras and the NBA All-Star Game!) and even a personal counselor. I was struggling with personal issues and when I happened to mention this to Casey she extended the invite to call her at any time, to discuss wedding issues or anything else I was struggling with. This was so far beyond the scope of what we had hired her for. Who does all of that?!? Casey does.

Casey wrote an amazing ceremony for us... she listened to everything that we told her and custom tailored the ceremony to suit who we are and our story. She didn't just write "about us", she got to know us and understand who we are as a couple. It was truly unbelievable.

I could go on and on... as these are just a few of the things that Casey did. I really can not say enough about this amazing woman. She is truly one of a kind and is the most thoughtful, considerate, caring and honest individual I have met in a really long time.

You would be blessed to have Casey working with you on the most important day of your lives. Take a chance on her, because I guarantee she will not disappoint.

Casey... from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. You made our special day even more so by having you and Ed there. We literally could not have done this without you and you will forever hold a special place in our hearts. NOLA has not seen the last of us and we can't wait to come back and hopefully sit down for drinks to celebrate all that you did for us!" -Shauna M., Bride


"I wish there were 10 stars for Casey! She is incredible and not only is she amazing but she cares just as much about your wedding as you do! My now husband and I were planning our destination wedding in New Orleans from Denver, CO and we were a month out...our officiant backed out on us and in our search for a new one we found Casey. She not only became our officiant, she also became our wedding planner and not a minute too late because I was going nuts! She jumped right in. I sent her every contract, email, order, text I had and she hit the ground running. She not only renegotiated some of our contracted but she designed our décor from scratch and hand made half of it. She was so dedicated that she spent days going store to store just to get the best price. The day of I knew I was in the best hands and she was always right there for anything I needed. I not only feel as though I have made a friend in her and her husband but I feel so strongly about her and her business that I would be more than happy to speak with anyone debating on hiring her for either her wedding planning or officiating their wedding. SHE WAS/IS AMAZING AND YOU SHOULDN'T THINK TWICE ABOUT MAKING THE CALL!! Planning a wedding is hard enough so allowing someone with her knowledge and skill to take off some of that pressure especially if this is a destination wedding for you is the best decision you and your fiancé could ever make!" -Elizabeth S., Bride


"I stumbled across The Nola Bride shortly after deciding that I would be a New Orleans bride<3. data-preserve-html-node="true" I reached out to Casey via email for suggestions on dog friendly venues. Her response was prompt, detailed and super friendly. I was an instant fan! Months later I was thrilled to see that she was offering a variety of wedding services- especially 'The Marigny.' She was EXACTLY what we needed for our big day. I couldn't imagine our ceremony without our bulldogs, Bam Bam and Pebbles, by our side. We met with Casey and I knew immediately that my babies would be safe under her care. Casey is a fellow dog mom and she just gets it. On the big day she arrived with her hubby, a backpack full of treats, water bowls, poop bags, extra leashes and everything else that might be needed for furbabies on a wedding day! She was organized, attentive,and ready to make the rest of my day worry free! Casey followed the dogs' itinerary and had them dressed and on time for every important moment. Her husband carried Pebbles when the princess decided she no longer wanted to walk<3 data-preserve-html-node="true" Casey made the right decision to remove Bam Bam from ceremony as he was being himself and acting up a bit, probably barking at trash;-) She communicated with my bridesmaid and made sure Bam and Pebbs were calm and settled in the hotel before safely tucking them in for the evening. I can't say enough about how happy I was with her services. The Nola Bride is definitely BAMBLES approved!!!" -Mackenzie A., Bride


"Amazing!!! I can't say enough good things about Casey. She helped me plan my husbands 40th in New Orleans and truly made it enjoying and relaxing for me because EVERY little detail was handled. I wish I had known her for my wedding! Thank you Casey!" -Elizabeth S., Party Planning Client


"To say Casey was a life saver is an understatement!! She took our wedding on with only a few weeks till the date and what we found out was a mess of our contracts. We were from out of state and thought the contracts were set, but found out it was the opposite. She dropped everything to make sure our event went off as the special day it should be. We used her as our officiant and wedding planner. Even on the night of our rehearsal dinner when everything went wrong with the company we had booked, she was our muscle behind the scenes doing everything to demand a refund so we didn't have to worry about it. She shopped for decorations, made a Costco trip to get flowers, received packages, gave ceremony and vow ideas, designed our wedding, cut the cake and pretty much anything else you could think of, she did it. If you are looking for someone to help make your wedding special, I strongly urge you to use Casey and the Nola Bride. Cause after all gentleman, we never want to see the Veloci-bride, and Casey will make the stress roll away.. If you need a reference, ask Casey to give you my email and I will gladly tell you why you need a little Nola Bride in your life." -Brian C., Groom