For the couple that refuses to have a wedding that excludes the most important member of the family- the pets! (MY PEOPLE!)

If you're anything like me, you know that you wedding just wouldn't be the same without your best buddy by your side. But, also like me, you're already anxious about figuring out how to pull it all off. Who's going to watch them? Who will take him out to use the bathroom? How will we make sure he's got food, water, and treats? Will they behave during the ceremony? How do I keep him safe while I'm busy with the details of the day?

Well, I'm here to be your pet buddy for the night!

Beginning 2 hours before your event and up to 6 hours total, I'll be the point person for your furbaby. I'm there to take care of your four-legged friend during the event, giving them water, love, attention, and snacks, as needed. But most importantly, I'll be there to ensure their safety during the'll have one set of eyes dedicated soley to the protection and monitoring of your pet.

This package starts at $800 and includes 6 hours of coverage, including a walk back to designated hotel (or drive) within a 10 mile radius of the reception venue. You can add mileage or time, as needed.

I will ensure that your pet gets safely back to the hotel and is given all the nourishment and love that they will need before I leave.

To find out more information, click the button below and fill out the quick form for me! Be sure to give me a few details on your wedding and your pet, and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Pet CPR Certified as of June 2016