Bridal VA anyone? This package will help with anything from finding potential venues and vendors, to forming design ideas and completing general tasks.

I can help you with things such as:

  • Securing room blocks for you and your guests
  • Researching and gathering vendor/venue information unique to your style, needs, and price range
  • Filing your second line permit
  • Researching venues and ideas for other wedding-related things, such as parties, welcome packages, second line details, and more

This services is different from my other packages because it offers you a way to brainstorm ideas unique to you, without you having to put in the time and effort of wading through the information overload out there! Each service is based on 3 hours of research with compilation and delivery of all the information to you in a coesive, printable package. Research and compilation tasks start at $350. Second line permit applications starts at $100 and room block acquisition tasks start at $150. As with my other services, we'll start with a free, 30-minute consultation to hone in on your unique needs. Click below to begin!