I figured this one deserved a little bit more of an introduction!

This service is exactly what it sounds like- a brain-dump, problem resolution, shoulder-to-cry-on, vent session.

Regardless of how many friends or family-members you have around, planning a wedding can still be isolating. It's stressful and difficult to manage. Sometimes, you really just need to talk to someone outside your inner circle. Sometimes you need to bounce ideas or get advice from an unbiased party. Sometimes, you really just need to let it all out without worrying about offending someone. And sometimes, you simply just need a friend. (And it can definitely help if that friend has recently planned a wedding!)

I know exactly how you feel. For me, the hardest part about planning my wedding was the fact that a). I was doing it pretty much on my own, and b). as much as people tried to help me, no one could really understand the particular struggles I was facing as a (new) NOLA bride.

So, I'm offering you what I wished I had. Whether you need a vent session, advice from someone outside your immediate circle, or a full-blown crisis mode negotiator, this service is for you. I'm here to listen, offer advice, and generally support you when you need it the most. No judgements, no requirements.

This package is a 2 hour phone call/video chat/in-person meeting (cocktails, anyone?) designed to help you slay your bridal stress and talk your way through any wedding hurdles you've run into. Then, after our convo, if you still find that you really need someone to chat with and clear your head regularly, we can schedule additional sessions and add-on hours as you need, at a rate of $25 per hour. Click the button to get in touch and schedule a 20-minute info sess to learn how this service can help you!